Med-Trans has three (3) types of service units.  BLS Ambulances, ALS Ambulances and Ambulettes.
BLS Ambulances are staffed with a minimum of two Emergency Medical Technicians – Basics.  All ambulances have AEDs, oxygen and other basic medical supplies.  All units are annually inspected and certified by the State of Ohio Medical Transportation Board.
ALS Ambulances are staffed with at least one Paramedic and one Emergency Medical Technician and are able to safely transport a high acuity patient. ALS units are equipped with LP-12 Cardiac Monitors with 12 lead capabilities, advanced airway devices including ventilators and IV infusion pumps that were designed for the rigors of transport.
Ambulettes are simply wheelchair transport vans.  They have lifts on the rear to load and unload the customer.  The vans are equipped with a First Aid Kit, a wheelchair, two way radio and other small supplies to ensure safe transport of customers.
Bariatric Transports
is a commitment Med-Trans has made for our customers. Med-Trans was one of the first ambulance companies in the State of Ohio to offer specialized bariatric transports. In 2004 Med-Trans purchased 2 Stryker Bariatric Transport Cots and 2 Secure Care Air Mattress to meet the needs of our customers.  With the addition of the cot and air mattress all of our ambulances can be setup for bariatric transports.